Protecting Your Investment In Mobile Technology

Protecting Your Mobile Technology Investment

Enterprise mobile technology is essential to modern businesses, enabling employees to access important data and applications on the go, and improve overall productivity. With the significant investment made in mobile technology, it’s crucial to also consider exactly how those assets will be protected.

Often overlooked, without a plan to secure your mobile devices, your business is vulnerable to potential downtime, loss of productivity and even threats such as data breaches, cyber-attacks, and the theft of sensitive information.

This blog examines why protecting enterprise mobile technology is so important and how to take care of your investment. From implementing robust security measures to choosing the right storage solutions, we cover the steps that can take be taken to reduce device losses and damage, as well as increase security. So, let’s delve in and discover the significance of protecting your enterprise mobile technology.

Understanding The True Cost Of Lost Devices

To properly secure your mobile devices and minimise the risk of them being lost, you first need to understand the behaviours that lead to them going missing. Only then can you truly mitigate the risks.

In an increasingly busy environment, those mobile devices are small and therefore relatively easy to lose. From being accidentally left behind on a pallet or trolley, to newer devices being stashed in employee lockers, and sadly, even theft – there are numerous ways in which your once adequate estate of devices starts to slowly shrink.

It won’t be long before you begin to feel the impact and those lost enterprise devices can cause significant consequences to your business, including:

1. Data loss or theft: That lost device could fall into the wrong hands and should it contain sensitive or confidential information, there’s potential for that data to be exploited for malicious purposes.

2. Compliance violations: Personal information or financial data is heavily regulated and losing a device may result in compliance violations and hefty fines for your business.

3. Reputation damage: Failure to protect sensitive information will negatively impact your brand and damage your company’s reputation.

4. Productivity loss: Even the loss of a single device will affect productivity with employees unable to access the necessary tools and information to do their job.

5. Financial loss: Not only is there the cost of replacing the lost device to consider, but also the data on it and the payment of potential financial penalties.

By prioritising the protection of your devices, businesses can reduce the risks of security incidents as well as increase accountability and maximise the benefits gained from their technology investment.

How To Secure And Protect Your Mobile Devices

Create A Home For Your Devices

Prevention is the most cost-effective cure. Creating a destination within your warehouse or distribution centre where devices live will provide employees with a central location to collect devices from and return to. But this alone doesn’t provide adequate security. You need a lockable solution to reduce device theft and a mechanism to add accountability to ensure that devices are returned and fully charged and ready for the next shift workers.

We’ve scanned the market far and wide to source robust storage solutions for our customers and here are a few of the best:

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets

You will no doubt have heard of Zebra as a market-leading manufacturer of enterprise technology, but did you know that they also have a number of specialist products too such as their innovative Intelligent Cabinet?

A highly robust and practical option, Zebra’s Intelligent Cabinet offer storage capacities from five to 100 devices and deliver multiple layers of security to support personal ownership and user accountability. This helps to reduce device loss and damage and with the added intelligence gained from Zebra Access Management (ZAM) included, businesses gain greater control and visibility of their mobile devices.

Open Racks

If cabinets aren’t for you, another secure storage solution to consider is open racks. The benefit of an open-rack system is that there are a variety of mounting options available, plus it can be built to fit your exact workspace and operational workflow.

From single-sided to double-sided, there are even standardised modular open racks available through Zebra that cater for between 30-60 devices with support for multiple device configurations to consolidate access and provide a lockable system.

Cradle Locks

Another innovative product from Zebra, modular cradle locks secure your devices with a mechanical locking system and to further boost user accountability, the solution can be supplemented by Zebra Access Management.

Cradle locks offer the greatest in flexibility, able to be mounted on walls or desks, inside cabinets or even added to carts to create a mobile solution.


Choose A Reliable Access Management Solution

Managing who has access to your devices is an important aspect of device security, helping to protect business-sensitive information and keep assets safe. By implementing a reliable access management solution, you’re able to control who has access and what they have access to. You can even allocate a specific device to a user for the ultimate in employee accountability. With complete visibility of the last known user of a device, you’re armed with greater insight into the whereabouts of a device and theft of devices is effectively deterred.


Implement Remote Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) helps secure business devices by offering a centralised platform for managing and securing mobile devices, no matter the type of device or operating system. This includes setting and implementing security policies, observing device activity, and managing access to sensitive information.

With an MDM solution, you can prevent data breaches and keep confidential information protected, even in the event of a lost or stolen device. Furthermore, MDM solutions can enhance overall productivity by enabling employees to access the information and applications they require whilst on the move, whilst ensuring that confidential information is secure.

This can help maintain a competitive edge, enhance employee satisfaction, and better meet the demands of the modern business environment. Other benefits include:

1. Security: Implement security features such as password policies, encryption, and remote wipe capabilities. This helps to protect sensitive information stored on the device in case it is lost or stolen.

2. Device Configuration: Easily configure devices according to your security needs, for example, installing security apps, and restricting access to certain apps or features.

3. Remote Management: MDM allows IT departments to remotely monitor, track, and manage mobile devices. This includes the ability to remotely lock or wipe a device, which helps to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

4. Compliance: Ensure compliance with security standards and regulations by implementing policies and controls that meet the requirements of various industry standards.

5. Software and App Management: Manage the software and apps on enterprise devices, including the ability to push software updates and security patches to devices, ensuring they are always running the latest version.

6. Inventory Management: Keep track of the devices in your estate, including the status of each device, which can be useful for inventory management and budgeting.

How We Can Help You Protect Your Mobile Devices

Whether you’re looking to completely replace your mobile solution or need a better way to store and protect your existing devices, we can help. We work with businesses like yours to create technology solutions that maximise the value you gain from your investment and this includes the careful consideration of device storage and management.

Taking care of an estate of mobile devices requires more time and resource than many businesses realise, and they simply don’t have that time to give. We remove that stress, helping to protect your hardware investment.

With your mobile devices secured, our expert team is on hand to take care of updates and device maintenance with the support of our Managed Service offering, freeing up your time to focus on other business-critical tasks. Speak to our expert team to learn more about how we can support your business in protecting your mobile devices.


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