Keep Your Warehouse Connected With Zebra’s New MC9400 Mobile Computer

Rugged Durability For Your Warehouse

As a warehouse manager, you need mobile devices that are purpose-built for the fast-paced demands of your industrial environment, consumer-grade devices simply can’t provide the scanning performance, rugged reliability and workflow optimisation you require.

With Zebra’s new MC9400 and MC9450 mobile computers, you’ll receive instant access to data on the move while integrating seamlessly with your pick/pack and stock systems, giving your workers the tools they need to thrive.

Leading Innovation in One Powerful Package

The MC9400 series represents the latest innovation in enterprise mobile computing, with a rugged design made for today’s warehouses and cutting-edge features to carry your operations into the future such as:

  • The latest Qualcomm platform providing greater processing power and memory to run intensive apps
  • Ultra rugged with enhanced drop, tumble and ingress protection maintains reliability for years
  • Latest Wi-Fi 6E connectivity for increased throughput and support for higher density of connected devices
  • 5G release 16 connectivity (including CBRS in SA mode) enables better performance, capacity, reliability and indoor positioning
  • New extended range imager providing 10% longer barcode read range in a lighter form factor, plus a green laser aimer for visibility
  • Bluetooth-enabled batteries allow tracking of lost devices via Zebra’s Device Tracker software, even with dead battery
  • Android 13 operating system with support through to Android 17

Android Enterprise Recommended for Optimised Deployment

The Zebra MC9400 and MC9450 are certified Android Enterprise Recommended by Google, meeting strict hardware and software standards to facilitate fast, secure enterprise. Being Android Enterprise Recommended means:

  • Optimised device security provisions for enterprise needs
  • Support for advanced device management capabilities
  • Rigorously tested for Google Mobile Services and API compatibility

By choosing an Android Enterprise Recommended device like the MC9400 series, you streamline device staging, deployment, management and ensure reliable access to the full spectrum of Android applications and services your business requires.

Battery Life and Scanning Optimised for Workflows

Long Battery Life: The PowerPrecision+ battery delivers up to 14 hours of use between charges, easily covering a full shift and beyond. You can also electronically query battery asset information and gain a wealth of battery health-related information with PowerPrecision+ Batteries, including impedance tracking and battery status at the time of query. Using Zebra’s State-of-Health meter, the battery packs’ electrical characteristics can be modelled in real-time to compare current performance with a new battery.

Advanced Scanning: With the industry’s widest working range for both 1D and 2D barcodes, the SE58 captures 100 mil Code 39 in hand to over 105 ft./32 m and 55 mil QR out to 24 ft./7.3 m. A 1 MP fixed focus near sensor and a 2 MP variable focus far sensor deliver flawless barcode capture over the entire scanning range. Forklift operators can reach more codes without getting out of their vehicles. Retail associates can scan items on the top shelf without climbing a ladder. Warehouse workers can reach ground-level barcodes without crouching. Yard operators can reach barcodes on the highest cargo container.

Customisation and Updates Simplified

Customised Software: With Zebra’s Mobility DNA suite and Enterprise Home Screen you can fully customise the MC9400/MC9450 experience for your specific needs, from settings, security policies, wireless connectivity and more. Enterprise Home Screen allows you to design customised menus with one-touch access to the most used applications. For example, you can create a user-specific home screen layout which ensures workers see only the applications and tools relevant to their role as soon as their device is turned on, giving them instant access to all essential applications.

Over-the-Air Updating: Updates can be sent remotely to any device without needing manual intervention. Keeping systems secure and functional is effortless.

Total Warehouse Visibility with VisibilityIQ

The MC9400 works seamlessly with Zebra’s visibility solutions like VisibilityIQ Foresight giving you instant business intelligence about your zebra devices, when and how you need it. Empower data-driven decisions with predictive and actionable analytics across your entire device fleet, all from a single dashboard.

By standardising your warehouse mobility with Zebra’s proven rugged devices, you establish a highly reliable foundation for productivity. The MC9400 in particular is designed to boost efficiency and safety at every step while avoiding the headaches of consumer-grade devices. With real-time connectivity, data access and location visibility at your fingertips, warehouse operations reach a new level.

Ready To Embrace The Future of Warehouse Mobility?

As experts in device selection, staging, kitting and deployment, we're ready to show how the MC9400 and MC9450 can transform your warehouse operations. Whether you want to enhance existing processes or evaluate emerging mobile technologies like WiFi 6E, 5G and wearables, we have the enterprise mobility experience to guide you.