Pen Scan Inventory Management Software

Ditch the pen and paper to take the stress out of your stock take. Remove the risk of human error and reconcile your inventory with ease using our Pen Scan inventory management software solution.


The Smarter Way To Count Your Inventory

Regularly completing a stocktake is an important task in any business – but it’s one that few look forward to.  

Helping businesses reconcile the inventory on the system with the inventory on the shelves, undertaking a stocktake is key to ensuring stock accuracy and accountability. With accurate stock, your risk of overselling or understocking is reduced, and your business is also provided with an accurate inventory audit trail.  

Using a conventional pen and paper method to complete your stocktake, however, is a resource-intensive process, prone to human error. But, when you use an inventory management solution like Pen Scan, it couldn’t be quicker or easier. 

Increase Stock Accuracy And Save Time With Pen Scan

Gone are the days of repetitively scanning into a spreadsheet and trying to keep track of multiple files and edits to count stock. Pen Scan manages your stock count needs within its simple, easy to navigate admin panel. 

Greatly reducing the need for manual input, with Pen Scan your risk of error is significantly lower giving you greater confidence in the accuracy of your stock data.

Android App Android App
Android App

Device-agnostic, Pen Scan is an Android app that you can use with your existing device or hire equipment from us if needed.

Minimal Training Minimal Training
Minimal Training

Intuitively designed to be picked up quickly by staff with minimal training required.

Offline Working Offline Working
Offline Working

No WiFi, no problem. Simply scan your inventory while offline and your data will be stored on the device ready to export later when you reconnect.

Works Independently Works Independently
Works Independently

A standalone application that works independently, it doesn’t need to be linked to any other system.

Duplicate Handling Duplicate Handling
Duplicate Handling

Offering further peace of mind, our maintenance contracts cover the return of devices to our repair centre where they will be repaired and returned within five working days.

Scan Behaviour Scan Behaviour
Scan Behaviour

Quickly configure scanning behaviour, tailored to how you count stock and the items you will be scanning.

Area & Locations Area & Locations
Area & Locations

Quickly configure scanning behaviour, tailored to how you count stock and the items you will be scanning.

Warning Alerts Warning Alerts
Warning Alerts

Built-in error handling and onscreen prompts prevent mistakes from being made.

Easy Export Easy Export
Easy Export

Easily export as CSV, .txt or .temp file formats at the push of a button. Choose and reorder fields to export including barcode, quantity, area, location, date and time and device ID.

Flexible Storage Flexible Storage
Flexible Storage

Multiple storage options, choose from email, network share or directly onto SD card.

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