Introducing the ET60/65 from Zebra: Maximise Productivity And Efficiency With The Business Tablets That Deliver More

Built To Last With Ruggedness Redefined

The ET60 and ET65 enterprise tablets are designed to last at least four years, providing you with a great return on your tablet investment. Having passed more real-world tests than any other in their class, they offer all the style of a consumer device yet are built to withstand even the most punishing of environments.

Drop-tested to concrete, built for extreme temperatures and ready to brave all the elements, these tablets are dustproof, corrosion proof and tested for vibration, thermal shock, solar radiation and more. Even the display and the optional scanner exit window are rugged — two of the most vulnerable elements — protected with shatter- and scratch-resistant Corning ® Gorilla ® Glass.

An Adaptable Rugged Tablet

The ET60 and ET65 also offer the ultimate flexibility; simply snap on the friction hinge keyboard accessory to transform these tablets into a convertible laptop that makes heavy data entry easy.

Locking the tablets into the new patent-pending vehicle dock creates a vehicle mount computer ready for forklifts and other material-handling vehicles. The ET60/65 is prepared for the freezer and frigid outdoor temperatures with a heated display and optional heated keyboard when docked in a forklift — a unique yet essential feature that no other tablet offers today.


No Matter The Features Your Business Needs, The ET60/65 Delivers

Its the combination of many features that, together, make the ET60 and ET65 the most powerful rugged tablets in their class:

  • The Qualcomm® 6490 octa-core 2.7 GHz platform is built for today and tomorrow, with support for the fastest networks, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.
  • You get all of today’s fastest wireless connections in the ET65 to serve workers out in the field or in expansive indoor or outdoor facilities, including Wi-Fi 6E, 5G, and global private 5G.
  • The ET60 provides workers inside your facility with Wi-Fi 6E, the fastest available Wi-Fi speed.
  • Your workers get all the battery power they need no matter how long their shifts may be, with the high-capacity standard and extended battery options — and since the batteries are removable, the tablets are never out of service for charging.
  • Capture occasional barcodes right out of the box — or choose the optional SE55 1D/2D Advanced Range scan engine to capture barcodes in practically any condition from near contact to up to 40 ft./12 m away.
  • All the latest Android features make multi-tasking easy — workers can simply drag and drop to open two apps simultaneously in split screen mode, and more.
Want To Know More About The ET60/65 Rugged Business Tablet?

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