Empower Better Communication With Zebra Workforce Connect

Do your workers suffer from ‘Communication Disconnect’? If your workers use multiple devices to reach the data and people they need throughout the day, they may suffer from a ‘communications disconnect’. Wasting significant time switching between different devices to get the job done, your business faces higher purchase and support costs through the provision of multiple devices per worker.

Give Your Workers The Power Of One Device 

With One device for enterprise-class voice, data and text messaging, you will gain company-wide visibility through a unified solution designed to remove inefficiencies and streamline communications. Fostering greater collaboration, your business will see increased productivity and service standards will be raised to new heights.

By consolidating critical workflows into one place on a single device, you’ll benefit from reduced delays as a result of eradicating disjointed workflows and removing disconnection within your worker communications. Armed with the right tools for the task at hand, your frontline workers will be empowered with the answers they need at their fingertips.

Elevate Frontline Workers

Free-flowing information creates opportunities for critical thinking and problem-solving. With Workforce Connect, the capabilities of your frontline workers are advanced through better support of their needs from communication to collaboration, information to safety, and all are found within one, connected platform.

When information flows freely, workers are able to break out of their silos to deliver a better experience where it matters most– with your customers.

With Workforce Connect, hindered workers become effective problem solvers, contributing their best and critical workflows are streamlined in one place, on one device to equip your workers with the information they need, right at their fingertips.

Workforce Connect PTT Pro

Connect your entire workforce with vital push-to-talk services over cellular and WiFi networks. And unlike public cellular networks, the text messages your workers send are always encrypted, protecting sensitive business data. The service is available for Zebra, consumer Android and Apple iOS devices.

Workforce Connect Voice

Eliminate desk phone dependency and deliver the right voice features to the same mobile computers your workforce uses to access your business applications. Workers are connected and no longer tied to their desks to take voice calls and a customised user experience makes accessing voice and data easier than ever.


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