Considering Your Next Mobile Device Migration Project?

More than half of warehousing professionals surveyed are planning a mobility upgrade due to ageing devices nearing their end of life. But the transition of legacy telnet applications is an added complication many don’t know how to effectively overcome.

Finding The Right Time To Migrate

Migrating your mobile estate to newer technology isn’t as simple as choosing the best device to meet your requirements. A huge part of the project is the consideration of your existing software, especially if your warehouse still runs using telnet, green screen applications.

Modernising your application can be a huge undertaking. and one that needs to be carefully considered, planned and managed. Even if you choose to simply rewrite your application in Android without taking the opportunity to explore how you could improve processes and work smarter, you’ll still need to invest time and budget to ensure a fit-for-purpose solution that works seamlessly with your chosen mobile device.

Deploying new software across your new hardware estate and then training your warehouse teams to use a brand new application that they’re not familiar with is also not without its risks. The margin for error is large and it’s not uncommon for migration projects to be neglected because of the potential impact on operational efficiency for the rollout period and while your workers get to grips with the new ways of working.

Quite simply, it never quite feels like the right time to take the plunge but as the unreliability of ageing devices begins to take its toll on your business and the looming threat of discontinued, unsupported mobile devices edges ever closer, there’s only so long that you can put off that migration project.

But what if there is another way?

Supporting Your Move From Telnet to Android

With Ivanti® Velocity, you can transfer existing telnet apps to Android starting in their current “green screen” form and then later optimise, modernise, and voice-enable these apps in four easy steps. This gives your workers the added benefit of time to adjust to your new hardware before your application is refreshed to deliver a fully modernised user experience with workflows that are optimised to streamline their daily tasks.

Bringing the familiar, multi-touch experience of consumer devices into the mission-critical apps that drive your business accelerates task-screen navigation and enables your workforce to enter data quicker and with greater accuracy.

Minimise Disruption And Migrate At Your Own Pace

Velocity is designed to roll out in stages, minimising disruption. Deploy telnet apps on Android devices in their traditional “green screen” native mode while workers become accustomed to their new hardware. Manage the optimisation, modernisation, and speech progression within a timeframe that fits with your business.

Select The Best Mobile Device For Your Business

Velocity is available for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices supported by Ivanti’s close collaboration with device manufacturers. This means that whether you have a preferred device form or manufacturer, you still have the full freedom to evaluate which mobile device is best for your business needs safe in the knowledge that your legacy application can be transitioned with Velocity.

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