Android Security Patch Management

Helping your business keep on top of Android security patches to ensure maximum security of your business data.


The Importance of Android Security Patches

Each month, Google releases a security patch that needs to be applied to Android devices to ensure maximum security and OS performance. These patches are provided to the manufacturers of devices and are required to be made available to the users of these enterprise Android devices within two months of the original release date.

Applying these regular patches is an important part of device maintenance and key to keeping business data safe and ensuring ongoing device security that prevents known vulnerabilities from being exploited.

The management of this process, however, can consume significant resources with monthly security patches to contend with.

Our Android Security Patch Management Service

To help your business keep on top of Android security patches and prevent valuable internal resources from being swallowed up in the process, we offer an Android Security Patch Management service which covers the following:

  • Monitoring for the availability of patches
  • Building a test device with patches applied and executing a test plan
  • Building a deployment plan which includes pilot phases
  • Managing the deployment across your devices
  • Providing daily report that shows which devices have been updated and any issues experienced
  • Apply updates to swap pool
  • Engineer on-call 24×7 for the duration of plan to roll back in event of issues
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For helping keeping on top of Android security patches for your devices, get in touch with our expert team.

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