Android Migration

A Certified Android Enterprise Reseller, we’re here to support your business as you transition from legacy Windows CE and Windows Mobile to the Android operating system.


Migrating to Android OS

With the end of legacy Windows, the operating system of choice became Android, and this is now widely adopted across modern warehousing and logistics operations. As well as mitigating the serious security risks that Windows CE and Windows Mobile create, there are many other reasons to transition to Android such as:

Why Choose Android As Your OS?

Hardware Choice

Android has cemented itself as the operating system of choice among manufacturers of rugged mobile and tablet devices. This provides you with extensive hardware options when you make the move to Android.

Fully Supported Fully Supported
Fully Supported

Android is a dependable and fully support operating system with regular updates released to ensure maximum security and optimal business performance.

Device Management Device Management
Device Management

There are numerous leading mobile device management (MDM) tools on the market which provide businesses with the device control and visibility that they need.

Transition Applications Transition Applications
Transition Applications

Take full advantage of the Android smartphone experience by modernising legacy apps and migrating your existing Telnet ‘green screen’ applications.

User Experience User Experience
User Experience

Offering an intuitive and familiar experience for users, Android OS devices enhance the employee and customer experience by delivering a better user experience.

Increased ROI Increased ROI
Increased ROI

With lower associated IT administrative costs and a real competitive advantage delivered over legacy Windows devices, you’ll experience a great return on your technology investment.

The Risk of Sticking With Windows CE and Windows Mobile

Windows CE has not been supported since 2018 and support for Windows Mobile 6.5 also ceased back in 2020. This means that Microsoft is no longer offering updates that will ensure these operating systems remain secure yet many warehousing and manufacturing businesses continue to use legacy Windows devices to fulfil their operations.

Staying with an obsolete operating system puts businesses at serious risk. Not only does productivity suffer more and more over time without the required update patches that keep an operating system functioning efficiently, but they are also at risk of significant security breaches.

A Certified Android Enterprise Reseller

As a certified Android Enterprise Reseller, we can help your business choose the right device.

Our enterprise mobility team is ready to help you achieve your productivity and efficiency goals. We offer a wide range of mobile device management and supporting services to enhance your organisation’s mobility. If you are currently using Windows devices and are looking to make the move to Android, or if you’re looking for other solutions, contact us to find out more.

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