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Panasonic Panasonic JS-950WS Stingray Touchscreen Cash Register System

From £359.00 (ex VAT)
With its open PC architecture, the Stingray class systems are suitable for virtually every operating system and cash desk application, regardless of your customers’ requirements. This includes basic commercially available software as well as custom-tailored POS solutions or extensive logistics systems. The JS-950WS provides sufficient resources to define new standards for POS processes and ergonomics. All software and hardware components and functions are configured to meet every requirement that your customers need.

The enormously fast 3.2GHz Intel Celeron D CPU and up to 2GB integrated memory make the Stingray the perfect choice as a single POS station or a professional unit in an integrated POS network. The cash register system completes demanding back office tasks and extensive POS requirements at high reliability and speed. Multitasking is no problem for the Stingray either – an advantage that increases efficiency even further. The JS-950WS is also downward compatible. Existing peripherals are continuously used without errors and can be replaced gradually to optimise costs.

The horizontally adjustable 15” or 12” touch display with dual backlight offers high contrast at high resolution. The displays are available as resistive or capacitive versions. This makes the Stingray compatible with a large range of applications, from crowded POS areas to demanding production facilities.

The 15-inch display is installed either horizontally or vertically, which makes it possible to use a large display in areas with very limited space. The installation of the display requires only a few moments and no tools. After a simple software-controlled adjustment of the display, the terminal is ready for operation immediately.

The Stingray can be equipped with various mass storage options. This includes several hard disk modules and a CF card module. A 2- or 4-row customer display can be installed on the customer side. Instead of a common customer display, you also can choose an active LCD display with touch screen (option). Like this, ordering information is displayed to the customer who can also actively participate with that LCD in the payment process.
Panasonic JS-950WS - Stingray Basic (JS-950WS-040)
Basic module, 512MB RAM, Intel Celeron D 3,2 GHz, Interfaces: 4xUSB 2.0, 4xserial, 1xEthernet 10/100Mbit, 1xcash drawer DIN, 1xcash drawer RJ11, Audio In/Out, 1xparallel
£699.00 (ex VAT)
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Customer display 8.4 inch JS-950SD-020
Display (800x600pixel) on customer side without speaker
£359.00 (ex VAT)
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Display Module 12“ resistive JS-950D2R010
Resolution 800 x 600 pixel with resistive Touchscreen
£459.00 (ex VAT)
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